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Thursday, October 7, 2010

What is your purpose?

With the music industry being over-saturated with artist, producers and record labels, a lot of integrity has been taken away from the "hip-hop culture." When I listen to other up coming artist majority of the time my reaction is "what were you thinking?" when you made this song. With everyone wanting to be "rappers" these days they rarely think about the message they are sending or the purpose of their music. I'm a loyal user of Twitter and I follow pretty much every known DJ in the industry which allows me to tune into some of their live ustream broadcast as they listen to indie artist and producers to critique their work. This is where I get to hear what people are looking for in the industry and what the people think and it all comes down to quality, creativity and substance. A lot of artists and producers easily fall into a trending sound or style that has hit big in the industry in a attempt to reach the same success. In most cases those attempts fail because that sound or style has already been conquered by the individual who brought it about. My purpose behind this posting is to open the eyes of those who are pursuing their dream as a artist or hit producer. First, you have to have a passion for what you do. When you have that passion it shows in your music and you're not just ryhming words over nice beat. Second, do you have the time and money to invest in yourself? The quality of your music is what draw people to listen, was it recorded professionally, are the sounds mixed properly, etc...These days recording in a closet and paying to get it mastered ain't enough. So before you record that next song or make that next beat think about your purpose, does your beat have a quality distinct sound or does your song have substance with a message, maybe you just like having the title of a rapper, who knows? But please understand making music is not for everybody, its ok to be a fan. That could be one of the reasons why albums don't sell like they used to because everybody wanna be a rapper and there's not enough fans. I hope you can take something from this message and be able to apply it to your craft, thanks for reading.

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